School of Agriculture

School of Agriculture

The School of Agriculture offers academic programs and research opportunities focused on the agricultural sector. It provides education and training in various aspects of agriculture, including crop production, agricultural economics, soil science, plant breeding, horticulture, and livestock management.

These programs aim to equip students with knowledge and skills related to sustainable agricultural practices, modern farming techniques, agribusiness management, and rural development. The School of Agriculture plays a vital role in promoting agricultural advancements, research, and innovation to address the challenges faced by the agricultural sector in India, such as increasing productivity, ensuring food security, and improving rural livelihoods. It contributes to the overall development and growth of the agriculture industry in the country

India's Top 10 Agriculture Colleges

Rankings of schools can vary depending on different sources and criteria. However, here are ten prestigious institutions in India known for their School of Agriculture programs:

  • Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi
  • Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore
  • Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana
  • Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University (CCSHAU), Hisar
  • G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology (GBPUAT), Pantnagar
  • Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU), Hyderabad
  • Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University (DRPCAU), Pusa
  • Kerala Agricultural University (KAU), Thrissur
  • Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), Izatnagar
  • University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore

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